International Summer School on Forest Planning and Management:
Training in New Tools and Techniques This international summer school organised by EFIATLANTIC and hosted by Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) will be held in Waterford, from 19 – 23rd June 2017. The summer school forms part of the EFIATLANTIC Capacity Building Programme.
The focus of the summer school will be on providing background information, demonstrations and training in the use of the latest tools and techniques for assisting modern forestry professionals. The overall aim is to provide the very latest information and training in the wide the range of systems already available or coming on-stream that can help in making informed forestry management decisions at the tree, stand and property level. The course will include field work training with the latest field tools and techniques for assessing tree size and form, timber quality, stand quality and site suitability, and systems for mapping stands and forest properties over large areas using drones, aircraft and satellites.