The Slovenian company Tajfun is launching a new type of product at Elmia Wood. It is a caliper they developed themselves that uses an app to offer advanced functions.
Tajfun does both its R&D and manufacturing in Slovenia. In Sweden the company is best known for its firewood processors. It also manufactures winches, hydraulic cranes for tractors and log trailers, plus cable systems, all for use in forestry. Now the company is moving into what has been a Swedish speciality – timber measurement.
The new caliper is called the TajGO MX Forestry Information System. It has a measuring range of 32 inches, just over 80 cm. The innovation lies not in the caliper itself but in how the information is processed and presented.
The readings are transmitted wirelessly to an app on an Android mobile phone or tablet. Using the app the user can enter data about the tree species, quality, deductions for bark, and information about the seller and buyer. With the app’s help the phone also reads bar codes and RFID chips, for example in order to identify individual logs or batches. The collected information can then be printed with a small printer or transferred to other software for further processing.
“Because the functions exist in the software we can customise them and add more depending on what the customer wants,” says Tina Kranjc of Tajfun.
One possibility is to use the phone’s GPS as a position indicator. This can be valuable when working with a forest management plan, for example. This is not one of the basic functions but will probably be a topic for questions at Elmia Wood.