For Komatsu, Elmia Wood is an important venue for international launches in the forestry sector. That’s why the company has invited customers and distributors from all its markets, including the USA, Australia and Brazil.

“This is an important fair for us, above all for meeting our customers in Sweden and from the whole world,” Persson says.
As a global player Komatsu is affected by many economic upturns and downturns. With regard to forestry trends, the situation is generally positive although it can differ between markets.
Forest owners, contractors and forestry officials will encounter a multinational stand with many interesting elements.

Test driving on the forwarder track

One recurring question from visitors to forestry fairs is whether they can try out any of the machines themselves. The answer is normally no for safety reasons and because the machines being demonstrated are already owned by customers. At the previous Elmia Wood, Komatsu was an exception and one very popular offering was the forwarder track for test driving. “We’ll be offering activities this time too, so the answer is yes, there will be opportunities for test driving,” Persson says.
Komatsu Forest is coming to Elmia Wood with its entire current machine programme plus new additions. Even more important at a time when availability and costs are what create profitability is the after-sales programme, which is being given a lot of room at the stand.

Elmia Wood 7-10 June