Thursday, May 11th, 2017: Coillte has confirmed that the fire at Cloosh Valley, Co. Galway, has been supressed after good progress was made yesterday evening to bring the situation under management.

Forest Fire Cloosh Valley
Coillte said that staff and army personnel will remain on site today [Friday 12th May] to monitor hot spots as there is still some risk that fires could reignite, but with stable weather conditions and the forecast of rain on Saturday evening, it is hoped that there will no further resurgence of the fire.

According to Coillte, a civil helicopter will also remain on standby should it be needed.
Inspection works will take place on areas of the site that were affected by the fire and these will remain restricted areas. Coillte is continuing to ask the public to stay away from any areas affected by these fires until such time as they are deemed completely safe.
Coillte has stated that it sincerely appreciates all the assistance it continues to receive from the staff, volunteers and emergency services, and the valuable support received from the defence forces in helping to combat this forest fire.

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